Richard Bunting

Communications & Campaigns International

Richard Bunting

Communications & Campaigns International

Our approach

We help our clients to enhance their reputation, image and profile, and ensure successful campaigning and fundraising through strategic communications and advocacy. This includes:

     •         Raising awareness and profile to achieve organisational, fundraising or campaigning objectives

     •         Identifying goals and objectives, audiences, messages and activities, and evaluating success

     •         Communicating with target audiences effectively

     •         Enhancing internal and external communications

     •         Developing and protecting brand and reputation

Our services

     •         Development, delivery and evaluation of media and advocacy strategies and campaigns

     •         Project management

     •         Media relations including placing stories, organising interviews, developing contacts and managing enquiries

     •         Research, audits and analysis of in-house communications functions

     •         Press calls and event management

     •         Writing speeches, opinion pieces and media materials

     •         Reputation risk audits and crisis management

     •         Media and PR training for people at all levels

     •         Copy writing and editing, for print and websites

     •         Website design

     •         Print and broadcast media interviews

     •         Production of communications and media handbooks, guidelines and advice

     •         Corporate identity guidelines

     •         Helping to recruit employees responsible for campaigning and communications


What we do

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